RW QGC Overear Storm Rolling In
16th June 207
Red Spotted Tabby & White
American Curl Longhair
Sire: Aus DGC Curlpassion Lee Red Fox
Dam: Overear Blank Canvas

Jeff will only be at stud for a limited time.


CH Overear Chattanooga Choo Choo
7th August 2010
American Curl Longhair
Sire: Siriuksen Azercurl
Dam: RW SGC Procurlharem Pocurlhontis

Tommy carries Chocolate & Point.

Photo courtesy of Terri Crow


TGC Burkhard Velvet Aristocrats
5th July 2013
Black Silver Classic Tabby & White
American Curl Longhair
Sire: GICH Arcus*LT Aron
Dam: Paladija Ofelia

Flash has joined us from Lithuania and carries Point, Chocolate & Dilution.